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Race to Feed the Baby Dragon iPad HD

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It's here -- the IPAD version of Starving Dragon!

Feed your starving dragon or it will die, and then a bigger dragon, the poppa dragon, will most definitely come to eat you, and then it will proceed to eat everything in your village... and when you think the nightmare is over, it will laugh and eat the whole kingdom, possibly expanding out to all nations. You can’t call the medieval police for this one.

This starving little dragon could be the end to everything as you know it.

This tiny dragon is insatiable, and the king and queen of the realm have tasked you with quite an adventure -- to make sure you feed it tiny monsters, frogs, a turkey, and even birthday cake. All you know is it is time to kick it into high gear and get the feeding going.

You do this by shooting the food into its mouth. But your buddy, the baby elephant in diapers doesn’t make it easy for you. He blows air at you, causing your food tosses to arc. Your buddy should mind his own business.

Miss the tiny starving dragon’s mouth too often, and it will will starve. That is bad news.

Then the dragon lord (baby’s dad) will come and make you pay for your crime of starving it’s little boy by eating up all the human boys and girls in your city, and then move on to eat all kids in the world. For this there is no defense.

This failure would not be a good story to tell over the ages or to put on your resume. In fact it would be a top failure for sure.

So grab a frog before it jumps away, and shoot it right into the mouth of the dragon. You can play in different locations, such as Mushroom Village and Hobbit Land. There’s even a beautiful park just outside the zombie tower next to ace city.

But don’t fall into the pitfall of flicking your food too quickly without aiming. Where there’s patience, there is success. Flick accurately!

Let’s cut to the chase... Starving Dragon is an amazing and addictive free game requiring a little strategy but most of all, good aiming. It’s a race against time as you chase the goal of filling the little dragon up. This may just be the best time you’ll ever have. Will you get dragon mania? Will you let it starve?

Compatible with facebook so you can challenge your friends.

Beautiful HD retina graphics for ipad. Get it, it’s a smart choice.