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MINI Connected Asia

iPhone / iPad
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Take the plunge into the revolutionary realm of in-car infotainment. MINI Connected embodies a unique symbiosis of driver, MINI and the online world.
A MINI specially equipped with "MINI Connected" opens the gates to a completely new world. Simply plug in your iPhone to the USB port of your MINI and, with the aid of the MINI joystick, the high-definition display and the vehicle's sound system, you will experience the various functions of this app.

The whole range of country-specific functions can only be guaranteed in a MINI that has been especially equipped with "MINI Connected" (6NM).

Predefined function profiles for the vehicle can be activated via the new mode selection. The "Excitement Mode" focus is very much centred on the driver and his/her MINI. In addition the active audio function can also be selected. In this mode all the other functions are deactivated. It goes without saying that they are however still available in the usual way via the "MINIMALISM / Infotainment Mode".

Driving Excitement
Condition Check, Force Meter and Digital Sport Instruments open up unique opportunities to let you get more enjoyment out of driving your MINI; The Excitement Analyser works out just how well you handle your MINI.
You can collect Experience Points (XP) for accelerating, braking, changing gear and steering, and rise from level to level in the individual categories. Condition Check, Force Meter and Digital Sport Instruments are further elements of the Driving Excitement Function and reveal unique opportunities for having even more fun driving a MINI.
MINI Connected gives you access to your iPhone calendar while you're on the go and don't miss any appointments. You can even call a number listed in your calendar.

Check-in from the road through MINI Connected to keep in touch with friends,
earn points towards badges, unlock rewards and share your adventures. Get
tips from the foursquare community about new places to explore.

This feature determines your personal high score while driving with
MINIMALISM Analyser. When you achieved five stars in all MINIMALISM
categories the All Star Timer will start automatically. The MINIMALISM
Analyser is a driving style analysis that evaluates how efficiently the
driver accelerates, slows down and changes gear, enabling to gain
or lose MINIMALISM points.

News services can be received via RSS and shown on the display in the MINI. The selection of any individual wishes can be optimally adapted on your iPhone.

All the latest tweets are displayed in your MINI, predefined messages or news can be edited on your iPhone and then transmitted straight from your car.

Dynamic Music
Your MINI will play the kind of music you like. Choose it from several pieces of music that were especially composed for MINI and that are geared live to your driving style.

Prerequisites & Tips
When installing the app the user has to register. A WLAN connection is recommended in order to download further content.

Some functions are only available if the iPhone has been connected to a vehicle that has been specially equipped with MINI Connected. The range of services and functions varies according to the specifications for the equipment and the country. Some selected functions work in cooperation with a third-party provider and may not always be available or function in the same form. A broad-band connection is necessary; any additional costs incurred by this (e.g. due to roaming charges) are stipulated in the contract between the customer and the provider. Updates for this application - as far as they are available - are free of any extra charge. Any other extensions can incur extra costs. The right to adapt or alter this product is reserved at all times.