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Visual ability development program

  • Sports
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This application aims at the measurement and improvement in vision capability required of a sport, car driving, fast reading, etc.
For the sports for which momentary vision, such as tennis, table tennis, and badminton, is needed, it becomes effective.
There are two training menus. (The menu is planning the addition at any time.)

1 — several digits are momentarily displayed on the test display window of momentary reading capability.
The number which was able to be read is inputted.
If it answers correctly, it will be blue and, in the case of an inaccurate solution, will be displayed in red.

The level of a test is adjusted with difficulty by display time (from 1 second to 0.02 second), and a display digit (from 5 figures to 8 figures).
According to the number of times of answering correctly, a level is adjusted automatically.

2) While the black circle is placed on the whole surface in the susceptibility screen to a small change within a view, only one red or black quadrangle is mixed.
It finds out as soon as possible and carries out the tap of this.
If a tap is carried out, a quadrangle will be displayed in about 1 second in another position.
Let’s find the quadrangle displayed as soon as possible.
Time after being displayed until it carries out a tap is measured.
Average value will be displayed if it measures 10 times.

3) Tap fro 1 to 20 as faster as possible
Display from 1 to 20 numbers at random position. Tap number from 1 to 20 as faster as possible. Measurement time.