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BORG - Free Strategy Board Game

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Welcome to BORG - Basic Organic Recall Game

B.O.R.G. is unlike any other board game you have ever played. Why? Because every turn is the result of the input of both players! In B.O.R.G. it is ALWAYS YOUR TURN!

Players receive colored orbs each turn based on the intersection of the Row inputted by one player, & the Column inputted by the other player. If the orb from that square has already been taken, a Power Rule on the square tells the player how to receive an orb. Collecting 3 of the same color orb scores points. Collecting all 4 of the same color orbs scored more points!

Since the Orbs and Power Rules are randomized at the beginning of every game, every game of B.O.R.G. is a new challenge. Being able to predict and anticipate your opponents Row & Column choices will give you a strategic advantage. Remembering where Orbs and Power Rules are located can give you a tactical edge over your opponent.

Basic Rules

B.O.R.G is played on a 6x6 board with 36 hidden colored Orbs. There are 9 different colored Orbs. 4 of each color orb are on the board. Collecting 3 Orbs of the same color scores points. Collecting all 4 Orbs of the same color scores even more! The game is played until no Orbs are left on the board.

How To Play

Player 1 chooses the ROW, Player 2 chooses the COLUMN. The square that intersects the chosen ROW & the chosen COLUMN is the Square/Orb given to Player 1. Player 2 then chooses the ROW, & Player 1 the COLUMN. Player 2 is given the intersecting Square/Orb. This ends one round. There are 18 rounds in a game.

Colored Orbs

Each Orb color scores a different amount of points for collecting 3 or 4 of them, but some Orbs do special things. White Orbs are wild and can be used as any color. However only one White Orb may be used per color. Finding a Black Orb allows you to steal a Orb from your opponent. White Orbs may only be stolen if your opponent has 3 or 4 of them.

Power Rules

Under every Orb, there is a Power Rule. If the chosen square has no Orb, the Power Rule is followed to assign a Orb. There are 9 different Power Rules. 4 of each Power Rule are on the board. Power Rules allow players to choose the Row, Column, or exact Square the Orb comes from.

The 9 Power Rules

(1&2) P1 or P2 Chooses Row For Random Marble.
(3&4) P1 or P2 Chooses Column For Random Marble.
(5&6)P1 or P2 Stops Flash For Random Marble.
(7&8) P1 or P2 Chooses Exact Square For Marble.
(9) Computer Chooses Marble Randomly


- Single player
- Two player
- 3 Difficulty Levels
- 4 Unique AI Opponents