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Scorched.SE1 is a campaign style space combat adventure spanning 8 planetary systems and 40 planets. Your mission is to travel to each planet and destroy all invading hostile vessels while dodging asteroids and rescuing escape pods along the way.

Your ship is equipped with a main computer called S.T.A.C.E, which is your Sentient Thinking Advanced Computer Emulation. Throughout each mission she audibly communicates your surroundings, events, and the status of your ship and its systems.

This is not a "get hit once and you die" game, but rather your ship can take a considerable amount of punishment. You earn “credits” by completing missions, and these credits can be used to significantly upgrade your ships offensive and defensive capabilities.

This is a challenging adventure that includes engaging music, sounds, and a story line, and will not be completed easily or quickly.


▪ Interactive combat training exercise
▪ Multiple enemy waves per planet
▪ Special bonus missions
▪ Automatic tractor beams to help rescue escape pods
▪ Six internal systems that can be enhanced, damaged or destroyed during combat
▪ Eight enemy ships with 11 different weapons types and/or capabilities
▪ Powerful “boss” ship to defeat at the end of each planetary system

~ Headphones are recommended as this is a very audio intense game ~