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NFB introduction

The design concept of NFB is to develop interaction between the store and customers.
Through the high quality display and perfect touch screen of iPad, you can turn your activity webpage into in-store activity.

Now the iPad cases with Home button blocking function are avalibale on the market, you can use it to protect iPad and display the auto carousel advertising in the store. Marquee information shown in screen and the customers can touch the screen to start the designed webpage activity.

Through NFB, you can make use of iPad in the activity site to execute the webpage services , such as:

Online Warranty Registration
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Questionnaire
Customer winning number login
The interactive game of the website
Display Mobile website


Full-screen web browser, present your activity webpage perfectly.
Tiny invisible button, difficult to discover and avoid change setting inadvertently.
The invisible button can set password, in case customers change setting inadvertently.
Slide left or right to switch the pre-set webpages in My Favor.
You can set the Screen Saver and its starting time.
To download the video to NFB, access the internet and input the video address.
You can transfer the video in PC to the NFB through the same Wifi channel.
Marquee tips can be shown on the screen when displaying video to encourage customer starting the webpage activities.

You can set text, speed, color, location, size, and font type of the marquee by yourself.