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Berlin and the Nazism

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The application “Berlin in the Nazi-period” is designed to guide you to nearly 50 places which have been of historical importance during this darkest hour of the German history.
Let us guide you to many important historical places and meet many characters, famous or anonymous, of Nazi-Berlin.
Explore the organizations and the power machine of the German Nazi-terror regime: the Gestapo, the SA and SS among others – but also the German underground with its resistance heroes, many of them unknown to public. Have also a private look at Hitler’s Chancellery, his official and private rooms and the bunker where he spent the last days of his life.
On a remote street corner, in front of a solitary house and the grandeur fictive project of the “World’s Capital Germania” upon your inner eye... Take this unique opportunity to experience Berlin during the Nazi-time!
The visit of Berlin with this theme, allows you to learn the unknown face of Berlin. This tour will give you a better picture of Berlin during the Nazi-period.
You can also visit Berlin by district and spend an interesting afternoon looking for signs of the former activities taking place in these buildings. Some of them are fictive in nature- such as the megalomaniac projects of the “World’s Capital Germania” which have never been realized in reality.
All images and texts have been put in this application in order to allow you to discover historic places in Berlin. The reception does not depend on the quality of your telephone signal.
You can therefore go out with your phone to discover a district of Berlin and be sure you have all the information you need. The history of each place was presented with the aim to provide you with addresses, comments and photos so that when you look at the building, you can spot a trace of the past or if they are completely disappeared, you can imagine what the story of this building was.
You can also use the application in order to learn something about the theme. The discovery of the history of a place can also be transmitted through the texts which treat the topic as a whole and through the information about each place.
Our editors have put their heart into presentation of the themes that we offer you. We hope you will enjoy it by adding a comment and by using our full versions in order to support this idea and our team.
Good walks in Berlin and good reading.