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A very simple app bringing you a live Q&A search from But that's not all, this app is now packed with so much unique contents making it one of the most useful amongst the Islamic apps on the market. So much contents for such a small app.

Qualified scholars answering (Islamic Jurisprudence) queries from the public online in light of Qur'aan, Hadeeth and Ijmaa' in the Hanafi Madhab.

Review: Sohail wrote: "Excellent MashaAllah, best islamic app on the market (after the qurans)"
- I truly hope so insha-Allah

Bugs and problems should be reported on our forums. Without the reports, we cannot address the issues as we may be unaware of them.

Browse and Search Muftisays Question and Answers
View the latest from the forums
Sign into forums and see how much is unread and if you have private messages
Forum updates
Search GMWA Halaal Foodguide Service
E-Numbers guide (available offline too)
Multimedia Library - Browse, listen and download Qur'aan, Talks and Nasheeds
MSNS - Listen to the live MSNS station directly from our app
Hundreds of 100% Halaal videos from our member submitted video section
Islamic books library
Random Words of Wisdom from our forum thread
Islamic Fact of the Day (or month)
Random short stories (fools and foolish stories)
Links to very useful resources such as accurate Qiblah location, 120+ evidences from the Hanafi Madhab and more
Post suggestions and queries directly to our forum thread via the app