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This app is designed to help medical students with the Otolaryngology Residency Match. It is a compilation of the Otolaryngology Residency Programs that Participate in the NRMP match.

Under "Programs" on the "Home" page is a list of all states with an Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Allopathic Residency that participates in the National Residency Program Match (NRMP). This is the red tab because it has the most important information.

Adjacent to each state is a number which represents the number of programs in that state.

Info on Each School

Selecting the state will list all of the programs in that state by name. Selecting the program will bring up a menu with 8 options as follows:

General Info: Provides information on the program including the Chair's name, Location of the program, Clinical faculty size based on information provided on their website, NRMP program code, Fellowships offered, PGY-1 Salary information that is available based on the year indicated, any application deadlines, and finally, nearby airports.
Location: Provides an interactive map with the location of the program, your current location, and nearby airports in purple, all with the ability to provide directions based on your current location.
Dates: Provides available interview dates for both the current and previous years to help you plan your travels.
Positions: Indicates the number of positions offered as well as the history of the match for that program from 2007-2011.
Contact: Provides a button to click that will either dial the academic office or an email which emails the academic office for the program.
Website: Provides a direct link to the residency section of the programs website.
Notes: Provides a manner in which to write notes regarding the program. This information is available offline but will be wiped if you refresh the program. To prevent loss, once you write your notes, take a screen shot and e-mail yourself the note.
Quiz: Provides a fun quiz with 4 questions about the program which may be useful during your interviews.

"Share" on the home page allows you to send a text or email to share this app with friends.


Updates/Timeline on the home page provides a running list of new content added as it becomes available as well as a list of important dates including interview dates and deadlines.

Contact Us

Contact Us Allows you to email us directly. Please use this to share any new information you find to be useful as well as any interview dates you receive so the application can be updated.

Tips & Recs

Tips & Recs provides a list of recommendations including etiquette on the interview trail from someone with experience.


Websites provides links to useful websites for the match, applications, and travel.


Disclaimer provides a general disclaimer for this app.

About the Author

About the Author provides some information about the creator of this app.

A lot of work has been performed to verify the accuracy of the information presented in this application. The information provided is available on the various programs' websites and is public knowledge.

However, information changes, deadlines are updated, programs can change preferences, etc.

Therefore, the author makes no attestation regarding the accuracy of this information at the time of use. It is your responsiblity to verify any information before acting on the information presented in this application. This is especially true when it comes to booking flights or arranging travel based on dates provided.

If you do encounter any information that appears to be incorrect, please notify us so the appropriate changes can be made.

Use of this app indicates you have read this disclaimer and accept its limitations.

Thank you, and good luck on the interview trail.