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► NEW ► Use your own pictures as backgrounds in the Hyoogle custom game builder!

For the last 75 years aliens have been abducting our cows. So what happens when the cows decide to get even?

● Designed especially for the iPad (all generations)
● Run, jump and fart your way through 24 insane locations
● Play the campaign or beat the challenges
● Select from normal, nuts or nightmare levels of difficulty
● Combat everything from hoop-snakes to drop-bears
● Share your iPad - save and load multiple games
● Create your own games and share them with your friends
● And the game plays differently every time


For the last 75 years, aliens have been abducting our cows for their milk. And, for the last 75 years, the cows have been watching, waiting and developing advanced robotics. Now, with the help of their bionic blue bull, plus a myriad of other deadly robotic creatures and booby-traps, they're ready to strike back!

So when Hoof mistakenly abducts the bionic blue bull, his plans for obtaining milk go terribly wrong. For the bull doesn't take too kindly to being milked. In a fit of rage, he shoots holes in Hoof's spacecraft, scattering his teleportation crystals across the landscape, before departing with Hoof as his prisoner.

Now it's up to Hoof's lactose intolerant friend, Hyoogle, to save the day. But with only a green teleportation crystal remaining, Hyoogle can only beam so far.

● Find the yellow and red teleportation crystals to extend Hyoogle's range
● Avoid all of the robotic creatures and booby-traps scattered across the farmlands
● Drink milk to build up gas and propel Hyoogle through the air
● Throw grenades to temporarily disable Hyoogle's foes
● Search for the 7 coloured turbines, solve the puzzle and thwart the blue bull's master plan


For those of you who prefer to play your iPad games in short bursts, Hyoogle also has a challenge mode.

● Play each location as an individual challenge
● Find the crystals to unlock locations
● Beat your best times
● Destroy as many methane balloons as you can
● Win a place on the 44-gallon drum podium!


● Build your own Hyoogle games
● Use your own pictures as custom game backgrounds
● Share them with your friends (email required)
● Set best times and challenge your friends to beat them
● Save your custom games in the new custom game manager


Hyoogle is an action-packed platforming game requiring skill, strategy and puzzle-solving skills. After 12 months of development and testing, even the developer hasn't managed to beat the game on the nightmare level!

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Proudly made in Australia!