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Spartan Hero for iPad

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•An exciting and challenging game that will pump you full of adrenaline.
•3 ways to enjoy this app, 3 completely different experiences in one amazing game.
•A game that will allow you to compete with players from all over the world, and will grant you bragging rights amongst your friends.

Spartan Hero is a rhythmic and exigent game that is sure to bring you loads of thrill and frills that will keep you the edge of your seats and make your pals sweat. If you’re looking for a challenging game to test your wits and reflexes, then this game is a must-get. Warning: this game is extremely fun and addicting, and may even be contagiously so.

There are three modes in this game – Hero mode, Classic Mode, and Arrow mode. All three unique in their game-play to allow the player total submersion into and enjoyment of it.

The game now supports OpenFeint, which allows you to submit your scores to a global database to compete against players from all over the world.

The game depicts an ancient tale through moving murals on a wall of a Spartan Hero wielding a great shield and fending himself off against waves of enemy attack. The players will experience vigorous attacks off all sorts first hand as the Spartan Hero. In this game, the shield coupled with an agile mind and dexterous fingers are your only are your only friends and will be the only things between you and certain death. By controlling the angle of the shield, you’ll be able to protect yourself from enemy projectiles. The “Clanking” of the enemy attacks against your shield will bring much excitement and exhilaration. Just as you are concentrating extremely hard to keep the hero alive, something unexpected comes into the picture… A missile? What are those doing here? Just as you’re still processing this strange occurrence, the missile hits our hero directly.

•Simple controls which can be mastered within seconds.
•3 Game modes, 3 distinct experiences.
•*Gasp* What’s this? The enemy is attacking with TAXIS? Fear not, your mighty shield will prove insurmountable even in grave situations as this… But how will it fare against UFOs?
•Arrows will fly at you at flashing speeds and in high density; players will have to work extremely hard to fend them off! To emerge in victory is the ultimate goal and will bring the player eventual sense of accomplishment.
•The murals will tell interesting little stories from time to time.
•Players will be able to continuously submit and refresh their scores on OpenFeint and prove themselves worthy of a true Spartan Hero.