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Maths Morsels Trig Loaded

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  • Education
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Practice basic skills with Maths Morsels; quick, easy and fun Maths Morsels is a great way to practice basic skills.
Each set of questions allows the student to practice a new skill or extend that skill.

Practice new skills, consolidate already acquired skills. Take control of your learning. How many questions can you answer correctly in the the time, how about challenging yourself or your friends? Practice doesn't have to be boring pen and paper.

Pythagoras and trigonometry deal with the geometry of right angled triangles. In most school the mathematics programme will introduce Pythagoras then Trigonometry to solve various problems relating to right angled triangles.

Level 1 deals with the 'usual' skills acquired on introduction and level 2 usually involves either manipulation of a rule or formula or introduces an inverse function. As the level gets higher the skills are mixed and/or extended.

The suggested progression is: Pythagoras L1, L2 then L3. Followed by Trig Tan L1 then L2, Trig Sin L1 then L2, Trig Cos L1 then L2 and finally Trig Mixed L3 as a basis. You chose the ones you need more practice with.

For each session a new set of up to 50 random questions is generated for each ten minute practice session. The student can go for speed or accuracy or both. Confidence in basic skills is the first step to confidence in the mathematics arena.

This app is about 'instant gratification', giving instant feedback. Its not about replacing your teacher its about giving you the opportunity to improve your skills without taking hours a day!