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Download from AppStore The Basics covers the fundamentals of playing Tennis. From understanding the areas of both the court and a racquet to how to properly stand at the ready position, The Basics is the perfect app for both beginners and advanced players who are looking to brush up on the basics.

Taught by a Tennis expert, The Basics features:

Video Instruction
Step by Step Descriptions
Court and Racquet Breakdowns

Instruction in:
The Ready Position
-Eastern Forehand
-Semi-Western Forehand
-Western Forehand
-Eastern Backhand
-Two-Handed Backhand
-Forehand Groundstroke Open Stance
-Forehand Groundstroke Closed Stance
-Backhand Groundstroke
-Forehand Volley
-Backhand Volley
-Backhand Slice
-Flat Serve
-Topspin Serve
-Slice Serve

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