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Scuba Tools

iPhone / iPad
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Scuba Tools is a suite of 9 reference tools that dynamically calculate complex formulas that are commonly used by scuba divers.

The tools have been divided into three categories and consist of the following screens:

+ Nitrox tools
- EANx MOD and EAD
- Best EANx at Depth
- PO2 & ATA at Depth
- OTU's and CNS%

+ Trimix tools
- Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END)
- Best TMX at Depth

+ Gas Tools
- SAC Rate calculator
- Cylinder Volume
- Turn Pressure

As a scuba diver, you'll need no explanation for most of these terms and formulas. However, we have added a level of practical experience to our tools that make them more applicable to use in the real world!

For example, let's say you're planning a boat trip with your double LP95's and you want to make a double dip dive on the same profile. You know you're going to need 230 cubic feet of are to make both dives with 1/3 reserve pressure. How much do you need to pump your LP's to get to 230cuft? Just open the Cylinder Volume tool, enter your rated tank info and slide the pressure until you see 230cuft and you'll see that you need to have a fill of 3200psi to make both dives.

The Turn Pressure calculator will quickly compare the remaining volumes in yours tank and your buddies tank and display the correct turn pressure for both of you, allowing a 1/3 reserve based on the lesser volume.

What's the correct nitrox blend to use at 135 feet of fresh water? Scuba Tools will tell you that it's 28% (27% in salt water).

The next time you are picking up your tanks after a nitrox fill and can't remember the MOD for 35% while filling out the label, open Scuba Tools and quickly find your max depth.

Give this suite of tools a try and we bet you'll never leave home without it!

Drop us an email to with any suggestion for feature enhancements and we'll be sure to roll them into one of the future releases!