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Couch to 26.2

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Want to run a marathon but don’t know where to begin? Become the marathoner that you didn’t know that you could be with this Couch to Marathon app. Armed with this app and with the help of certified personal trainer, author and motivator Trish Blackwell, who has helped thousands achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, you can and will run your first marathon! An experienced runner and Ironman triathlete herself, Trish has a love for running and wants to share it with everyone. With this app, you will be guided not only on how far and often to run, but on how to change your nutrition and lifestyle as well. Your training is customized to you based on heart rate training zones to make sure that you train safely and effectively. Every run is designed specifically by heart rate zones so that you know exactly how hard to run in your workouts. Your 26-week program is designed with heart rate variance to optimize not only your conditioning, but also your fat and calorie burn. This is the only marathon app on the market that prioritizes heart rate training, the smartest, most effective way to train for success!

Also included in the app are 26 weeks of personalized video coaching from Trish Blackwell herself, enabling you to feel like you have your own personal trainer at instant access. With Couch to Marathon you get a full marathon training program PLUS a portable personal trainer. Throughout your experience with this 26 week program your core will tighten, your endurance will increase, your weight will drop and your confidence will soar as you realize that you ARE a runner and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Trish will be at your side throughout this program with weekly motivational coaching and running tips, weekly inspirational quotes and access to her blog, website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel to keep you motivated and feeling confident as you complete your first full marathon.

-26 Week Training Plan
-26 Weekly Motivational Video Coaching Messages from Trish Blackwell

Train with Trish’s Running Coaching Program: Video Coaching Videos:

1.You ARE a Runner: Getting Rid of Doubt.
2.How to Eat Like a Runner: Getting Lean and Fueling For Energy.
3.How to Think Like a Runner.
4.Recovery Training: It’s No Joke.
5.Recovery Training: Implementing and Maximizing It to Improve Your Fitness.
6.The Secret Sauce of Success And How to Engage it For Fitness Results.
7.Preparing For Race Day: The Top Five Do’s and Don’ts
8.Managing Pre-Race Nerves
9.Race Day Tips
10.If the Shoe Fits… How to Find the Right Shoe For You.
11.Tricks of the Trade: Lock Laces and PowerBar Gels
12.Weight Loss and Running: How to Do It Successfully.
13.Proprioception Drills: Why You Should Be Doing Them.
14.Nailing Down Your Form: Arm Position and Foot Cadence
15.Running Includes Walking: Mastering the Walk/Run Technique
16.Help! My Body Hurts! Advanced Recovery Training Techniques.
17.Hills: How to Maximize Your Downhills and Own Your Uphills.
18.Why Hydration Matters: How Much You Should Be Drinking.
19.How Sleep Can Make You A Better Runner.
20.Staying Motivated.
21.Treadmill or Outside? Why Varying Surfaces Matters.
22.The Speed Work Workout: The Whats and Whys.
23.Making Fitness A Party: Getting Your Family and Friends Involved.
24.Body Position Matters: How to Use Your Body to Your Advantage.
25.Heart Rate Training Zones
26.BONUS: Embracing the Running Lifestyle, Surpassing Your Wildest Expectations and Living Life With Uncaged Confidence.

-52 Inspirational Running Quotations to INSPIRE You
-Nutrition Tips
-Training Tips
-Other Recommended Running & Fitness Apps
-Printable PDF Files of Workout Templates
-Email Capable Workouts
-Share Capable with Facebook

Believe in yourself and you will achieve anything you set your mind to! Happy running, future marathoners!

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