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SJ messenger provides the highest level of confidentiality in chat communication. With built-in PGP (Pretty good privacy) encryption and unrivaled reliability.

SJ provides you with a complete solution for your privacy concerns in communicating over the net.
An important thing to consider is that a network connection does not necessarily provide any kind of real protection for privacy. Hence, your concerns would be serious that your correspondence could be read by anyone who is able to intercept the communication. Your chats could be read by your ISP (internet service provider), administrators, or other IT people where you work. If you’re outside the office at a university or an internet-café, even the server administrators at these internet connection sources could intercept messages which originate from you to the recipient. These administrators could read your chats and forward them on to whomever they choose. ECHELONS (USA), Carnivore project state systems as well as many other groups scan communication all over the world for suspicious “keywords” or phrases.

Therefore, by using SJ, you have the ability to speak only in encrypted chats between you and other SJ users. Each of the above-mentioned organizations that scan communication as well as other groups would still have access to the correspondence; however, because of the encryption, they will have no idea regarding the content of the conversation. These principles of privacy are built directly into SJ.

Advantages of SJ Messenger:

1. Communication encryption built into the PGP technology – recognized by experts as the most safest and most resistant to hacking.

2. Security of your data by password encryption, which you choose and create--not auto-generated.

3. Ability to transmit file archives via file-exchange service. The encrypted file archive is sent to the recipient, who receives a password. Without this password, they may not view the files, but with the password, the file is instantly decoded.

Additional key advantages for SJ include the following:

• Works with all Jabber-servers;
• Ability to operate multiple Jabber accounts;
• Data export/import functionality from the contact-lists;
• Ability to add notes onto contacts;
• Chat history encrypted with PGP Key;
• Support OTR (Off-the-Record) protocol.

SJ - Perfect security in your Life.