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Step2Step Physics LITE

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Learn physics with step by step tutoring!

Created by physics teachers for physics students, Step2Step Physics LITE offers 8 question types and a total of 52 question steps. If a student makes a mistake on a step, they are provided with feedback that is targeted to that specific mistake. This is the same feedback that students would receive if they worked with a private physics tutor.

Step2Step Physics LITE employs a variety of user interfaces designed to encourage “physics thinking”. Some of these include:
Dragging labels onto a problem statement
Tapping arrows to choose a direction
Dragging terms to build an equation
Typing in a numerical answer
and many more!

Step2Step Physics LITE contains the following question types, each with multiple versions* and randomized numbers:

1D Kinematics: “Constant Motion Finding Time”
2D Kinematics: “Vector Addition 1”*, “Rolling Horizontally off of a Cliff”
Newton's Laws: “Dragging a Box”, “Simple Horizontal Atwood”
Energy & Momentum: “Box Sliding Down a Ramp”
Circular Motion & Universal Gravitation: “Gravitation - Solving for Force”, “Driving in a Circle”

*Vector Addition problems are not randomized

Individual progress can be tracked either on the user’s personal iPad, or on a classroom ipad using the "switch user" feature. Students can email progress reports to their teachers.

The full version of the app, “Step2Step Physics - Mechanics”, contains over 30 question types with over 300 question steps, including many more advanced questions.

Nerd Island Studios, LLC is a group of teachers dedicated to creating apps for use in the classroom. We constantly test our products with our own students with the goal of improving the learning process.