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AmusingABC Numbers

  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Let your kids learn numbers and how to spell them as well! Then see how they teach back!

AmusingABC-Numbers ( app from KubiMobi ( counts up to 100 and helps your children, between ages 3-5, to learn the numbers.


• After seeing a number, by tapping the speaker button, kids can hear the pronounciations of the numbers from Kai, record their spelling and listen back to what they've recorded.

• Hidden interactive surprises will be unlocked as they progress and listen to at least 10 numbers.

• This is a very child friendly game: The intuitive interface lets them navigate on the tablet screen easily and enjoy by themselves.

• Families can also have quality play time together, because AmusingABC apps are designed to be played with parents as well.

PS: Parents will be able to trace their children’s progress in KubiMobi’s educational apps, through our upcoming state-of-the-art app – KPTP: Kid Progress Tracking Platform. If you want to be the beta testers of this app please sign in

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