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"iLog – A Simplified Way to Create Flight and Maintenance Logs


iLog is an easy-to-use iPad application for creating flight and maintenance logs for corporate and commercial flight operations. In an era of highly advanced, multi-million dollar jets, isn't it about time we get rid of the old pen-and-paper method of creating flight logs required by the FAA?

Simple and Intuitive
iLog uses an intuitive and logical approach to a pilot's typical duty day, pre-populating data where appropriate and minimizing the pilot’s workload. At the end of each day, simply email the logs to operations or print them.

Follows a Pilot’s Typical Duty Day
iLog’s intuitive approach starts as soon as you arrive at the airport and follows a pilot’s day all the way to his/her off-duty time. Here are just a few of the data points gathered through iLog and displayed on each log.

On Duty Time
Security Seals (optional)
Request Number
Trip Details
RVSM Ground and In-Air Checks
Fuel (including EU fuel data)
Block Times
Engine, Airframe and APU times
VOR Check

Get Home Sooner
Pilots typically have one thing in mind at the end of their duty day – to get home sooner. With iLog, pilots track information throughout their normal flight day and can end their day with a simple click of a button to file the required paperwork.

One Fee, No Yearly Subscription
iLog is available for download through a one-time fee and does not require a subscription.

FAA Compliant

Greater Efficiency in the Cockpit, Saving You Time and Money​

Improves the Accuracy of your Data

Meets the Requirements of Part 91, 135 and 121 Operators

Go Green! - Helping You Achieve a Truly Paperless Cockpit

Streamlined and Automated, Saving You Time

Download Once for Years of Use
HTML Output
Flight and Maintenance logs created through iLog are emailed in html format. This means logs can simply be printed and filed, or users can link the data fields to other software programs used in the flight department. By linking iLog’s output data to other systems used by the operator, users can further reduce their workload and improve efficiencies.

When it is necessary to use the XCM feature, the XCM is required for all legs.  In future versions, the XCM will be optional on a leg by leg basis

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