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Dirac HD Player Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Thinking of buying expensive earphones? Try this first! Dirac HD Player is an easy-to-use music player based on advanced technology that genuinely improves the sound from Apple’s original Earphones, EarPods and In-Ear Headphones.


- NO SOUND EFFECT, but instead tailored to control the acoustic properties of the original iPhone earphones – the only way to achieve a genuine improvement that causes less listening fatigue.

- NATURAL SOUND with increased clarity in music and voices. Deepens the bass, removes resonances and acoustic problems.

- NO COMPLICATED SETTINGS, select your earphone model and hear the difference by switching ON/OFF.

- USES THE USUAL SIMPLE FUNCTIONALY that you are accustomed to with your iPhone, while the optimization runs in the background.

Listen to music from your iTunes library with improved sound quality. The app is for everyone that wants better sound; no technical know-how is needed. Under the hood however, it uses technology normally used in some of the world’s best hifi, studio and cinema sound systems.

Due to physical constraints, it is impossible to design a perfect earphone solely with hardware components. Dirac’s audio scientists have made precise acoustic measurements of the original iPhone earphones, allowing a tailored digital software processor based on the Dirac HD Sound® technology.

Like a pair of glasses improves the perception of poor eyesight, this technology improves and corrects the sound, so that it becomes cleaner and closer to a perfect sound reproduction. It has nothing to do with sound effects or graphic equalizers used in other apps.

Get the full version of Dirac HD Player to add the following functionality:

- Import/create playlists
- Quick alphabetic search index of songs
- Shuffle and Repeat functions
- Support for Apple In-Ear Headphones
- Functionality to remember playing state between sessions, including playlist, track, point in time, shuffle state, and repeat state


The sound improvement is tailored for Apple’s original Earphones and EarPods. The app should not be used with other earphones.

Utilizes the iTunes music library.

DRM protected music is not playable by Dirac HD Player (or any other 3rd party app).

Please note that iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud not yet fully supported.

Dirac Research AB is a Swedish audio research firm that specializes in digital sound optimization solutions. The company was founded in 2001 by researchers from Uppsala University, in Sweden. Today Dirac supplies sound technology to some of the most high performing brands in the world, including BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Datasat Digital Entertainment.