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Air Jet Basketball HD

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Bet you've never played a game like Air Jet Basketball HD.

Air Jet Basketball HD is a wildly offbeat game from the game-loving pros at Another Way 2Play.

Are you quick-thinking and nimble? Air Jet Basketball HD is for you.
If that's not you, then Go. Home. Now.

Ball control is intuitive, with a single movement.
Use air-jets to shoot or defend!
Finally, you can congratulate yourself when you pass wind!

Play first the Free Throw mode to make some baskets.

Take on the AI or your friends in Classic or Arcade mode and show them who the Most Valuable Finger is!

Wanna play tough basketball? Play by the rules with our 3D Real Physics Jerky Whopper Engine with an arena atmosphere where you can almost smell the sweat and beer.

Fire in the Mole!
Like us, you hate these damned rodents.
You can gleefully catch, throw and crush the mole in Arcade mode!
Doing this lets you attack your opponent (Deadly Eight Ball, Ice Freezer, etc) or upgrade your abilities (AirJet Power-Ups, Magnet-o-Ball, etc).

Air Jet Basketball HD is a technical game for those who like it that way, and tactical for those who are able, and is completely frenetic, boosting your agility! (Not recommended for accountants)

Air Jet Basketball HD has been especially designed for iPad 2 and iPad Retina Display.
Due to the richness of its universe and its sophisticated graphics, the game DOES NOT run on iPad 1.

Sounds good, right?
This is Another Way 2Play!