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Explore Hoi Ha for iPad

  • Education
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WWF has just produced Hong Kong's first and only coastal field study education application, Explore Hoi Ha, focusing on the stunning Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. This application has been specially designed for Hong Kong teachers using mobile devices to carry out field studies in the coastal environment and conduct outdoor learning sessions with their students.

Contents include:
Coastal Ecologist
- A tool used to investigate the intertidal environment through field studies, concentrating on the distribution and abundance of marine life in various intertidal habitats including the rocky shore, the sandy shore and the mangrove environment.

Field guides
- A field guide covering 70 organisms living in the mangrove, rocky shore, sandy shore and coral environments. The guide also features identification charts for over 30 types of plankton found in the local oceanic environment.

This application is primarily aimed at Hong Kong school teachers. The following functions require access via user login:
1. data synchronization with the field data sharing website,
2. field study on sandy shore and,
3. field study on rocky shore.


- 此工具用以在實地考察期間調查潮間帶環境,探討不同潮間帶生境地,包括岩岸、沙岸及紅樹林環境的海洋生物分佈及數量。

- 此生物圖鑑涵蓋於紅樹林、岩岸、沙岸及珊瑚環境棲息的70種生物,附以於本港海洋環境出沒的逾30種浮游生物的識別圖鑑。

1. 透過共享資料網頁進行數據同步,
2. 沙岸實地考察,及
3. 岩岸實地考察。