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Lecture Capture

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App doesn't record iPad screen outside the app!

*** Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the app ***

Lecture Capture allows to create a screen and audio capture of the interactive blackboard INSIDE the app that you can draw on using your fingers.

App allows you for importing pictures from the Photo Roll or making new ones and including them in the app. Furthermore you can your video preview to make your recording more interesting and personalized for your audience.


App is not designed for recording iPad Screen OUTSIDE the app. It's not possible without using external device.

Do you want to create a short recordings for your students? Or share some thoughts with your friends? There is an app for that!

Lecture capture offers various ways of sharing your recordings:

1) it can be uploaded to the remote server and you can share an unique link to it with your users.

2) it can be saved to the Camera roll, from where you can email it, upload to YouTube or even send the message containing it. *

3)You can save your recordings to iTunes on your computer!

There are virtually no limitations of length of recording that can be made with this app, but there is a limit of 100 MB per recording that can be uploaded to our server.

Also you need to register in order to start uploading the recordings to our server. Registration is free.