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Lets Fly

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Ever wonder what makes an aircraft or helicopter fly? The answers are right here. Matthew takes you from the ancient dream to modern-day reality and explains how each of these marvellous inventions work. In a nutshell, a pilot should have a good idea what makes his airplane get up in the air and keep flying - basically, the airplane systems and aerodynamics.
The LETS FLY App contains vital information for aviation enthusiasts and PPL students. It is based on the book LETS FLY by Matthew Martino and it presents the basics that every pilot should know including Airspeed, Radiotelephony, Types of altitude and also tips to PPL Exam success. LETS FLY’s App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is the Private Pilot License manual you been waiting for. It contains illustrations in layman terms which make it an ideal reading material for all ages.

*** Save money on your Private Pilot License training.
** Gain a broad understanding into how aircrafts work.
*LETS FLY app is FREE!!


Altitude – Do you know about the different types of altitude and how they are calculated? What factors affect the calculation?

Airspeed – What’s the use of the airspeed indicator? Do you know the different types of airspeed?

Magnetic Compass – Learn all about how this essential machine works.

Aerodynamics – Learn about the roles of Air, Density & Pressure inflight.

Axes – Do you know about the 3 different axes an aircraft rotates around?

Forces – Do you know about the 4 forces that have an impact inflight and on the ground?

Radiotelephony – Be a pro at Radiotelephony.

Phonetic Alphabet – Learn and grasp the Phonetic Alphabet.

PPL Exam Success – Really need to pass your PPL exams? Learn how others did it.

Flight Schools – Find out about some of UK’s leading flight school – one may be just down your road.

The Pilot CV – Discover the secrets behind having a mouth-watering Pilot CV to help your career take-off.