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** This program is also available as part of “Pump Station App ($11.99)” for iPad. A limited free version “Pump Station Lite” is available for iPad download to experience its features**

This App calculates the Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHa) for a centrifugal pump based on pump suction condition. One of the most important considerations in selecting and applying a centrifugal pump is the conditions existing in the pump’s suction system. The significance of suction conditions is frequently discarded and gives rise to pump operational problems that leads to premature pump failure, increased repair costs, unnecessary downtime, and in the case of a manufacturing environment, higher production costs. The determination of a pump’s Net Positive Suction Head is the analytical tool for ascertaining suitability to suction conditions.

This program allows user to input the suction pipe fittings and other key details and calculates the absolute pressure, absolute vapour pressure, suction pipe head losses and NPSHa. The App output can be emailed as an image file. A help file is also included to select the appropriate K value for various fittings and appurtenances.