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Spark Motion Pro

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Spark Motion Pro is the first motion analysis app specifically designed for the iPad. Spark Motion Pro was created by professionals in the field for professionals.

With the Spark Motion Pro download, you can record, capture and evaluate movement in an authentic environment at the ease of your fingertips.

Spark Motion Pro is the essential tool for sports performance trainers, medical practitioners, and education professionals! Edit clips, compare videos and reveal documented progression and instantaneous visual feedback to clients, teams, patients, and athletes with simplicity and ease.

Don’t cram all those videos within the limited confines of your iPad. Transfer those space fillers to the all-new Spark Cloud, and store up to 30GB of video data per Spark Motion Pro download. Spark Motion Pro never ceases to Assess. Address. and Impress—and now its basically limitless!

Spark Motion Pro Features include:
30 GB Hippa Compliant Spark Cloud virtual storage
SRV Tool allows for virtual assessments
Improved file management
Video Overlay
Precise and comparative line drawing and measurement tools
Adjustable Postural Grid & Bullseye
Video snapshots
Slow Motion
Frame-by-frame (30 fps)
Side by Side Video Review
Email compatibility

Spark Motion Pro Testimonials:

"We can't always get to the Start House in Calgary. With Spark Motion Pro I can analyze my athletes any time any place." –Todd Hays, Women’s Head Coach, USA Bobsled Team.

“For us, it is an invaluable tool to assess, track and educate our athletes.”—Kyle Tarp, Director of Basketball Performance, University of Maryland.

“Today's athlete identifies with technology and this package is useful right after the video is captured.”—Joshua Stoner, Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Missouri.

"A tennis player cannot physically see his strokes. Many times, a player may believe that his stroke is mechanically correct, but once recorded and analyzed with Spark Motion's features he comes to realize his ‘true stroke’ might not be what he imagined.”—Manual Diaz, Head Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Georgia; Georgia & Puerto Rico Tennis Hall of Fame Holder.

Buckle up and jump on the Spark Motion bandwagon, along with Athletes' Performance, the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox and many other Spark Motion friends.

Remember: "Only perfect practice makes perfect!"

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