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Olive the Woolly Bugger

  • Education
  • Book
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“My daughter (6) could not put this down. Ran the app over and over. She even went fishing with her Dad, so this is great for kids!” - Karman Sewell

• A truly unique, one-of-a-kind tale with highly-relatable characters and valuable life lessons about perseverance, treating others with respect, and that everyone has their own special talents!

• You and your kids will be hooked on the wonderful world of fly fishing as seen through the eyes of the flies themselves!

• Kids love it! Engaging, fully narrated storyline, bright, whimsical illustrations with interactive pop-ups animations!

Olive the Woolly Bugger just wants to fit in with the rest of the flies at Camp Tightloops, but try as she might, Olive just can’t float like the snobby dry flies. After some hard lessons, determination, and support from her friends, the drab little streamer fly soon learns what she can do!

This exciting, interactive children’s book also features the super fun game, Chuckin’ Bugs, in which players help a charismatic crustacean, Lefty Crayfish, toss a variety of buzzing bugs to hungry trout!

Dive in and discover why being different is what makes Olive the Woolly Bugger a splashing success. Whether you’re a veteran angler, just getting your feet wet, or you know nothing about fly fishing, Olive teaches important lessons that go well beyond the water’s edge.

Olive and a colorful cast of characters learn all about fly fishing at Camp Tightloops and then they’re off to follow their dreams down The Big Stream where they try to catch their first fish. Zip and dart along with Olive as the importance of catching and releasing a wild trout finally sinks in!

Olive the Woolly Bugger features unique, engaging, and relatable characters and a storyline that entertains while it teaches. This book is suitable to a wide range of ages. Pre-readers can select to have the story read to them as they flip through the pages, while kids who have already learned to read will enjoy the fully-written narrative. It may challenge early readers because the story contains considerably more text than the typical picture book format.

• Based on the popular book series by author and illustrator, Kirk Werner
• 41 brightly illustrated pages
• Fully narrated, or read by yourself
• Hide the text at any time to view the fun, user-initiated animations
• Highlighted words launch additional fun facts to enhance the learning experience
• Includes the game, Chuckin’ Bugs 101!