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adult CBT*ABC way

iPhone / iPad
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adult CBT*ABC way! The CBT*ABC way apps from TikalBayTek are to help young kids, teens, and adults practice paying attention to their upsetting thoughts, and practice challenging them with new, reasonable, and truthful thoughts!

The adult version of the CBT*ABC way app builds on the kid and teen versions in that it includes additional ‘steps’ in the ABC way process. In addition to (1) identifying the negative Thoughts and (2) negative Feelings associated with a Situation/Event, then (3) challenging the negative Thoughts, (4) re-rating the original negative Feelings, (5) rating the degree of belief in the Old Thoughts, and (6) identifying and rating New Feelings as in the teen version, the adult version also (7) identifies Negative Patterns of thinking, and (8) identifies Positive Solutions to negative thinking patterns.

Who can use this app?
* adults of all ages, from young adults to older adults
* counselors/clinicians

What types of negative thoughts can adults practice replacing?
* worry
* sad
* angry

Special features of this app
• Simple, interactive, step-by-step approach
• Before and after ratings of old and new thoughts
• Before and after ratings of old and new feelings
• Identification of negative patterns and positive solutions to thinking
• ‘On-the-go’ way to practice skill-building
• Cheerful reward page for positive self-talk
• No personal information collected or stored
• Printing and e-mail functions for results and to keep track of progress
• An easy Thought Record for adults
• Great homework/practice supplement for counselor-based therapy sessions

** No in-app purchases are required, and there are no in-app ads! **

CBT stands for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and ABC way stands for
Antecedent (Situation – What is going on?)
Belief (Thoughts)
Consequence (Feelings)

CBT is a model based in science (known as an “evidence-based practice”). The ABC way is a Thought Record. When the ideas of CBT and ABC were introduced, Thought Records were done on paper. Thanks to mobile technology, your ABCs can also be done on apps!

This app is not a substitute for counseling/therapy, and is not intended to replace seeking help from a trained health professional. If the child is less than 13 years old, they should only download and/or use the application in conjunction with, and under the supervision of, a parent or guardian.