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Barney The Box Free

iPhone / iPad
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BARNEY is a small gilded box which has already experienced a lot of different things in its long life.
It has already travelled through all continents and has got to know several customs.
It is especially good at the art of stacking. BARNEY has already stacked thousands of stones and boxes.
So far, it has always succeeded in stacking the boxes and stones in a stable way.
Due to the number of trips, BARNEY has recognized that establishing an order is one of the most important aspects in life.
Meanwhile, it cannot tolerate anymore to find a situation in which boxes and stones are all over the place.

BARNEY is also under the crazy constraint that no box and no stone are under its eyes.
Probably, this is a consequence of a trip to the Antarctic.
At that time, BARNEY made the bitter experience of two boxes arguing heavily.
In addition to the unbearable cold, this argument was very difficult for BARNEY.
And it ended in a catastrophe after a few days.
One night, when all boxes except BARNEY were sleeping, an idea which was condemned to failure came to its mind.
BARNEY tried to manage to get the two squabblers apart.
It tried to alter their position with the purpose of ending their direct neighbourhood.
But it ignored Explosy – a Chinese box with an incredible amount of dynamite.
Explosy was hit extremely hard and there was a tremendous explosion.
Since that night, BARNEY has tried to stay out of such arguments and therefore prefers to stay at the bottom in order to stay on top of things.
This experience also gave BARNEY an idea. It thought that it would be much easier if people helped him to stack the things and to establish an order.
As a result, BARNEY asked a small team of programmers to put the idea into practice.
The idea was to develop an application which was capable of doing this.
In addition to the self-serving fundamental idea, the application is supposed to bring fun and to train the human patience and fine motor skills.


Try to stack all the boxes on one level. They must not touch the floor and must be above BARNEY's eyes.
In the first and last levels the elements are stacked by drag and drop.
In the following levels there are also boxes and stones which explode or which have to be shot.
The ones who have already some experience with Angry Birds can be happy.
You can recognize elements to shoot by the writing "SHOOT".
The boxes and stones have to be shot in every level until there are no more elements left to shoot.
Patience and fine motor skills are necessary! In "BARNEY THE BOX" there are about 60 different levels with new elements and degrees of difficulty.

The game is for those of you who want to improve their fine motor skills and to train their patience.
"BARNEY THE BOX" is optimal for everybody who likes explosions, who likes to shoot and order boxes, stones and other forms.
Furthermore, one should be open for all different kinds of enigmas and one should have some cleverness.

You can collect trophies in different ways:
- Winner
- Loser
- Explosion
- Toucher
- Slowest
- Fastest

It isn’t disclosed what you have to do to get a trophy. But the names already indicate how to get one.

You have the possibility to compare your score with your facebook friends who also play "BARNEY THE BOX".

App Technology
- Box2D engine (like Angry Birds)
- realistic physic engine
- good 2D graphic
- realistic gravitation

If you notice any mistake or you have any suggestions write us a mail to: