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* Sectionary is basically a cross-section dictionary for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which reports geometrical and mechanical properties of common structural sections for beams and columns.

* The sections can be either edited by the user starting from pre-defined shapes or chosen by a wide library of normalized steel profiles, including European (such as IPE, HE and UPN series), US, UK, Australian and Japanese standard sections.
The provided shapes are suitable for steel and wooden sections, while further details for reinforced concrete elements will be added in the future. Coupled sections (i.e. two sections placed side by side and connected) can be also considered.

* But Sectionary is much more than a mere cross-section catalog! By means of direct integration of the Elastic Beam fourth-order differential equation, Sectionary evaluates - for a given cross-section - displacements, rotations, bending moments and shear forces along beams subjected to transversal loads (lumped or distributed) with several restraint conditions (i.e. simply supported, cantilever and much more).

* Sectionary provides a wide range of geometrical and mechanical properties at the cross-section level which are useful in the structural analysis of beams and columns (i.e. centroid location, area, principal axes, static moments, second order moments, elastic and plastic modules, resistant strength for axial, shear, bending, buckling, etc) plus several results for beams (i.e. deflections, bending moments, etc).

* The material that constitutes the section can be chosen from a library of construction materials (wood, steel, concrete, steel for reinforced concrete) which refers to the Eurocode grades of materials. Once a material is assigned to a section, the mechanical properties of the material are considered in calculations, so that the Young's modulus is considered in the "elastic beam" calculations, the weight density is considered in order to calculate the self load. With future updates more calculation functions will be added to Sectionary so that the non linear properties of materials will be considered too.

* Stress analysis is also provided as the normal and shear stress diagrams are calculated. The internal forces can be directly assigned by the user or derived from the elastic beam calculations.

* By considering section and material properties, Sectionary provides resistant bending moment and resistant shear force for steel sections according to Italian and European codes.

* Sectionary is a useful reference tool for both professional users (structural engineers and architects) and students of the Statics and Mechanics of Structures courses.

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