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The King's Sun

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An Appli-picture-book created and read by Keiko Yokozawa, a well-known voice actress who performes Princess Sheeta in Laputa: Castle In The Sky, Dorami in Doraemon, Roll Caskett in Mega Man Legends, etc.

The second dream co-starring!!
The main character is performed by Tessyo Genda, who is known as the voice actor of Sleggar Law (Mobile Suit Gundam) and Suppaman (Dr. Slump).
This is a heart-warming story made by the outstanding joint work of Keiko Yokozawa's narration and Tessyo Genda's comical King.

This story was produced by Keiko Yokozawa. Besides working as a voice actress, she has been writing a number of stages, scripts and short stories. Her first book is narrated by Keiko herself with her heart-warming voice.

The story can be voiced-over to children under the "read-off-mode".

Try find various tricks on each page by touching and rubbing the screen and enjoy more of the world.

Once upon a time, there was a king who wanted everything.
Clothes, food and toys, the king wanted everything in sight.
"I want a lot of fireplaces. I want the sunshine too and make the castle warm!"

the castle became warm …
and became much hotter as in mid-summer …
and …

A voice actress / narrator
President, Yu-rin Pro
Schoolmaster, Keiko Yokozawa School of Voice Actors and Narrators

~Main works as a voice actress~
Laputa : Castle In The Sky (Princess Sheeta)Leading role
Okasan to Issho Niko Niko Pun (Piccolo) - The well-known children's TV program -
Haikara San ga Toru (Benio Hanamura)Leading role
Esper Mami (Mami)Leading role
The Pumpkin Wine (Natumi Asaoka / L)Leading role
Gatapishi (Gatapishi)Leading role
Wakakusa no Charlotte (Charlotte)Leading role
Little Ghost Q-TARO (O-jiro)
Mega Man Legends (Roll Caskett)
and others

-Tessyo Genda-
Member of 81PRODUCE

~Main works as a voice actress~
~ Voice-over ~
Sylvester Stallone
Dokaben (Iwaki)
Winnie The Pooh (Tigger)
Mobile Suit Gundam (Sleggar Law)
Dr. Slump (Suppaman)
High School! Kimengumi (Go Reietsu)
Sengoku Basara (Shingen Takeda)
and others