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WorldTravel -South Africa-

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A travel app unlike any guidebook for only 85 Yen. Time to travel around the world. Explore the World’s unexplored through a series of picture slideshows called, “No Travel? No Life!”.

The slideshows contain over 100 pictures with subtitles explaining the countries’ notable sceneries, culture and history.

Once through with the slideshow, you should be familiar with the country’s scenery and the facts.

Recommended to people:
* Who want to travel, but rarely have the time.
* Who have interests in the cultures and scenery of foreign countries.
* Who are stressed and want to escape from the real world.
* Who want to show their kids a new place.
* Who plan to travel to the country for work or vacation.

No Travel? No Life!
A bundled app to send people around the world.

A Trip to the Safaris in South Africa.

The wild life has a certain methodical approach to their lives.
For example, predators rarely over-indulge on the prey they captured.

Furthermore, when same species fight, they rarely end up killing one another.

Furthermore, once an animal becomes the leader of a group of the same specie, it will often risk its life to protect the family.

These are the unwritten rules of the animal kingdom, the law of nature.

In human society where over-indulgence, killing of one another and self-defense runs rampant, the laws of nature does not seem to apply to the humans as it does to the animals in the Savannah.

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest National Conservation Area. In the park, a variety of animals adapt to the harsh natural environments and survive in the park.

In the Origin of Species, Darwin states that species that can adapt to changes in the environment survive rather than those that have a well-marked survival skill. In reality, the most prolific breeders in the safari are not the lions, leopards, cheetahs, but the overwhelmingly large numbers of herbivores such as the zebras, impala and wild boars.

However, witnessing the rare species of lions, leopards, cheetahs make the adrenaline pump and stimulate the emotions.

At a glance, our world seems to consist of the survival of the fittest, yet this truth is only the superficial truth and not the reality.

Then, what is the reality? What is prosperity?
The answer lies in Africa where the living organisms surpass the laws of the survival of the fittest and survive by the more complicated ecology of the natural world.

Full of surprises and excitement, welcome to South Africa’s safari.


Compatible with IPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
iPod touch (4th generation)

Requires iOS 4.0 or later
iOS 5.0 recommended

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