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Geo-Reminders ~ A Location-based Reminders App

iPhone / iPad
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Geo-Reminders is a location-based reminders app that will automatically remind you when you entering or leaving a watched location. What is location-based reminder exactly? Location-based reminder is fired by the change of user's current location. Here are a few examples, remind yourself to pick up gift when you leave work, remind to do laundry when you get home, or remind you to call your parents when your flight lands on the airport.

The iOS bundled Reminders app only allows users to create location-based reminder by picking an address from contacts addressbook. Feeling limited when using the iOS bundled Reminders app? Try out Geo-Reminders now. It gives you all the freedom to create a location-based notification. It allows you to pick a location from map, search a location by address or even business name. You can also set the radius of the location. For example, the area of a shopping mall must be much larger than a house. To setup a location in Geo-Reminders, you can just type in an address of your home or office, or you can simply search a business name or even location, such as "Coffee Shop" or "San Francisco Airport".

Worry that the app will drain your phone's battery? No worry! Geo-Reminders only uses very little power to do region-monitoring work. Because the app is implemented by using iOS built-in geo-fencing API which is very power-efficient, and region monitoring is working even when the app is not running.

1. Adding a location by typing in address.
2. Adding a location by typing in a business name, such as coffee shop name, restaurant name or even a shopping mall name.
3. Select a geo-fence radius for different location types.
4. Viewing all your reminders in a map.

Note: Geo-Reminders currently supports iPhone hardware only. iPad with 3G network support is coming soon. Due to the hardware limitation, iPod touch is not supported.

Any question when using the app or request a feature or bug fix? Please use our send feedback option in the app.