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Kids Can Draw

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Meet Kids Can Draw - Handwriting Training Tool for kids! An app created by experts in the child developmental field. This app features an interactive learning system where children (or grownups) can learn the basic shapes of objects, practice line tracing, and learn the letters of the alphabet in both English and Spanish.

Kids Can Draw features a simple and intuitive interface that any child can start using within seconds, providing them with interactive learning activities.



Here they will learn to recognize the most common shapes around them by liking them to real objects. Tapping on the page reveals the object that the shape represents. Taping again reveals the shape. All of these activities have English and Spanish text, with a focus on teaching kids the words in Spanish.


Here they will also learn the basic colors around them, in a similar fashion. Kids can toggle between the color and a shape representing the color.


In this section kids will be presented with shapes they can trace with their finger. These shapes have been carefully selected by our team of therapists.


Kids will apply what they have learned in the first activities by tracing the uppercase letters. First with the colour red, then yellow and finally green (like a traffic light).

Note from our therapists:

Learning to draw the basic geometric shapes forms the foundation for printing and drawing. The shapes that you see this portion of the app, are sequenced in order of development. By the time a child reaches approximately 5 years and 3 months they should have the developmental skills to draw all these shapes.
Help kids learn by teaching them using four basic steps:
Imitation: the child watches you and tries to repeat it.
Tracing: Trace over the stroke with a finger or stylus.
Copying: Demonstrate how to make the shape, then have the child make the same stroke.
Independent formation: Ask the child to form the shape from memory.

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