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Eye Test - Scare Prank

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Taking a short break from our endless quest to produce productive, citizenship improving and quality of life enhancing apps, we bring you Eye Test.

Hint… it isn't an eye test. It looks like one. It feels like one. But nope… it is an insidious way to give your friends, co-workers, Mom, and Grandmother a mild, thrilling, funny scare. So, have your BFF Bethany take the eye test. When she shrieks, Eye Test is snapping pictures - embarrasing ones! Go ahead, share them on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Bethany will thank you. And maybe do you a good turn at some point in the future.

Just remember to talk it up good… Do it like this: "Hey Kris... you got your eyes lasered last year, right? Well, how is it fairing? I just got this Eye Test app, wanna try it?" Remember, keep it professional. Look helpful. Caring. DO NOT SNIGGER or GIGGLE!

Check out these "real" reports from our beta testers:

Mekynzie "I tested my grandmother. Thank goodness for 911".

Tanya "At 41, I'm almost a Grandmother, and it scared the daylights out of me. So, I had to test my husband, a tough Army guy when I got home. I got him good!".

Caleb "I have a droid (ick). I was tested on my rich brothers iPad - now I'm on his Facebook page looking pretty silly!"

Ken - "I tested folks at a training class, when Dixie tried it she about dropped the iPad - HILARIOUS! What's funny was that even though the rest of the class knew it was coming, it still surprised them. I got some cool photos"

Devin - "They tested me, it's cute, but I like BubbleFrame from FreshProduce LLC better".

Check out the screenshots, and enjoy messing with your friends, co-workers and family. Just remember, it's all in good fun, and we HOPE nobody drops your iPhone or iPad.