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Magic stories HD. Cartoons for children

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“Magic Stories” contains colourful cartoons based on the world-known fairy tales by A.S. Pushkin, Grimm brothers, G.Ch. Anderson, C. Collodi, Ch.Perrault and others.

You will not have a dilemma – which language to choose to download a cartoon. The cartoons are presented in four languages:

Each cartoon is supplied by subtitles in four languages accompanied by sound.

The supplement is created to help children in studying of mother tongue or a foreign language while watching a cartoon, comprises music and sound effects.

You are offered 12 cartoons:
• Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves
• Thumbelina
• Cinderella ★★★★★FREE★★★★★
• The Beauty and the Beast
• Tom Thumb
• The Tinder Box
• Pinocchio
• Mermaid
• Ruslan and Lyudmila ★(except German)★
• Sindbad the Sailor
• The Snow Queen
• The brave tin soldier ★(except German)★

“Magic Stories” is a convenient and simple supplement which supports the necessary instruments that permit to train speaking skills and vocabulary. You will be able to:
• Operatethecartoon, i.e. play, stop, the possibility of multiple repetitions;
• Choose the language of the cartoon (Russian, English, German, French);
• Control subtitles: to turn on or to turn off; choose the language.

A clear interface and easiness of tuning will let the child use the supplement at convenient time for him by himself.

Take use of “Magic Stories” to teach your children of a foreign language. To study a foreign language with the help of cartoons is very interesting and entertaining, and your child will certainly like it.