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DAC Express

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DAC Express is a remote ordering solution that sales representatives and customers can use to send in orders to a host distributor. Distributors running DAC Express Server can offer this app to their sales reps and customers who want to send in orders remotely. There are a few benefits to using DAC Express over other remote ordering options: offline ordering, efficient scanning and searching.

Offline Ordering
One benefit to using this app over other means of remote ordering is that orders can be created and saved on the iPad without an internet connection. Validation of customers and items still takes place, even if an internet connection is not available. This benefits sales reps servicing remote locations where the internet service is spotty. They can create and save multiple orders and send them all in to the host when an internet connection is available.

Efficient Scanning and Searching
Another benefit to using this app is the ability to use any HID Bluetooth scanner to traverse down the store isle, scanning products to order. Scan the product multiple times to increase the order quantity or scan a quantity on the scan sheet to set a large quantity. The heads-down entry screen allows for easy typing in from a handwritten list or scanning from an order book. A fully-functional search screen is also available for finding items without a barcode.

Lite Mode
Users downloading this app will automatically be placed in Lite mode until they upgrade to the full version. The application will have an initial database of customers, items and scan codes and these files will allow the user to create sample orders to see the functionality of the DAC Express. User must upgrade to the full version to actually send in orders and download live data files from their distributor. For more information on becoming a host distributor, contact CDR at