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The Voice of China(5-6)

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The first quarter of the production and broadcast of The Voice of China - China voices "will last three and a half, and ultimately in Zhejiang Satellite TV program broadcast will contain" blind mentor selected "mentor choice," mentor Battle"," annual Festival "four stages. The first phase of "mentor blind election of the new: The participants in the initial selection stage, star tutor, his back to students, and select only the sound, free from the interference of any other factors. If instructors press the Select button in the participants of the concert marks the participants were the mentors into the unit. This part of the test students singing at the same time, the mentor of a number of stars must sentence the force Competition, when a number of instructors at the same time choose the same students, the option will hold in the trainees in their hands, then tutor between the scramble will be very interesting things to watch. Of course, even at this stage has not been tutor selected is no need to worry, students can continue in training camp to continue to receive training, waiting for the next opportunity. The second stage is the "mentor choice, four star instructors choose their own sects disciples will be specialized training for all trainees music talent, the ultimate four star mentor's disciples will be on the same stage, who can become an excellent student, you have to look at the instructors to study under, whose potential can be fully excavated. The third stage of the program instructors Battle ", is a once four star mentor" teaching ability "test, the same time the training, the students who play better, they have to see the outcome on the stage. The fourth stage of the annual festival, will become a major concert of the "good voice" all the instructors and students of the program this season star instructors trained in this ceremony, students will be the first to face test of the big stage performances, their musical talents, will also accept the common test for all viewers. Zhejiang Satellite TV on July 13, waiting for the Voice of China