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Creative Doodle

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  • Education
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A fun drawing app that lets kids explore, imagine, create and share.
With unique sound and screen recording features, making sharing more fun

Product description
Creative doodle is a unique drawing app for kids. It provides 5 themes, 50 pictures, each paired with a leading question and simple graphic cues. Kids can easily use their imagination and creativity to expand characters and scenes. 

The drawing screen and the whole process is automatically saved as a video. With the sound recording feature, the little artist can think aloud, make comments or tell stories while drawing. The saved video is a great way for parents or friends to follow the process of creation. 

Key Features
√ Friendly interface, easy to use
√ Rich themes make sure every kid can find something they love
√ Short leading question and simple cues help engage and explore
√ Sound recording encourages kids to express more freely
√ Video sharing brings more fun to family and friends

About Pamakids Tech
Pamakids Tech Ltd, is an innovative tech start-up located in Beijing, China. We provide creative, professional and cool "edutainment" products for kids and parents. Our products are designed to engage kids in the learning process, to guide and inspire, while tracking their interests and growth. For parents, we aim to help them manage teaching activities with more ease and joy.


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