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March on Oz

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GamesRadar named it "One of the Top Ten iOS games for November 2012!"

Slide to Play calls it a "Must Have" game
"Gorgeous presentation; fun; accessible gameplay; lots of levels" 4/4 Stars.

And how about from the fine folks at Apptudes?
"For those that enjoy the tower defense and road defense genre, March on Oz is a welcome addition to the fold. With an emphasis on graphics, music and storyline, and well-balanced RTS, March on Oz is definitely worth checking out." 4 Stars.

March On Oz™ is a RTS-style Road Defense™ game with more than a few twists. Combine action and strategy to defend the road of yellow bricks, defeat the N.O.M.E.S., and rescue Princess Ozma from the evil magic of RuggeDoh! and the Evil Alliance! Create your own adventurers with our "Adventurer Creator" and meet dozens of colorful characters as you journey through a very small part of the vast Worlds of Oz™.

Lovingly crafted 3D graphics, effects, and animations bring this unique vision of L. Frank Baum's Oz to life. With over 50 levels and mini-games, adventurer creator, full musical score and sound effects, and dozens of achievements, March On Oz is sure to enchant and challenge you!

As you journey through three varied landscapes full of pink waterfalls, hot pool wading walls of fire and snowy landscapes you will have to fight for every bit of road in order to beat back the N.O.M.E. invasion and save Princess Ozma. No Flash or 2D graphics here, the N.O.M.E.S and Ozians have been fully rendered and animated in 3D along with great looking visual effects and animations. Our N.O.M.E.S. are not some cardboard-style bad guys, these little fellows are so much more than that! Keep your eyes on the road because you never know what is going to happen next with them.

Try to overcome easy, normal, and hard settings with each level of difficulty having been built to ensure a different playing experience. Challenging and Superstar levels coming soon with even more N.O.M.E.S. and Ozians!

Tired of bashing knights, killing zombies and other assorted traditional bad guys? See what our N.O.M.E.S. can do to brighten your day! We have skiing N.O.M.E.S., flying N.O.M.E.S., N.O.M.E.S. that can crush you with a single step and the irrepressible Happy Chainsaw and so many more. Towers are fun but N.O.M.E.S. and Ozians are so much more challenging and watch out for Big Foot N.O.M.E., he really does tower over you!

More than a dozen mini-games and many more to come! Try your luck against the N.O.M.E. invaders or capture flying angel food cake before it disappears or try to survive the waves of N.O.M.E.S. in Where Monkeys Dare!

More N.O.M.E.S., more Ozians, more levels and more levels of difficulty as well. And best of all, for owners of the paid version of March On Oz, these updates will be free of charge!

Come join the march and rescue Princess Ozma before RuggeDoh and the Evil Alliance can consolidate their hold on Oz and turn it into a place where only evil reigns supreme!

-- For owners of the iPad2 and newer iPads only--