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快譯通付費 App 系列新春大特價~!2/8 起至 2/29 止,所有快譯通付費 App 全面特價供應,機會難得,千萬不要錯過噢~!



1. 收錄文馨當代英漢辭典最新版、快譯通超級英漢辭典與漢英辭典。
2. 可查近 30 萬英漢詞條、8萬漢英詞組及 92000 條例句。
3. 單字、片語均為外籍老師真人錄音;例句及釋意發音清晰自然。(不含中文發音)
4. 包含kk音標/發音/解釋/例句/片語/同義/反義/字辨/用法補充…,內容充實完備。
5. 收錄詞類變化、名詞複數變化、動詞時態變化、形容詞/副詞之比較級及最高級變化。
6. 目前唯一提供快速英漢、英英、漢英等辭典內容交查功能。
7. 提供內容分類功能鍵,使用者可快速查閱相關內容。
8. 生字本功能,使用者可建立自己的生字本方便複習。
9. 歷史紀錄瀏覽,可開啟查詢過的字詞資料。
10. 字體可縮放調整,使用者可依喜好自由調整。
11. 支援 iOS8 系統鍵盤與使用介面。

New Version of Instant Wen-Xin English-Chinese Dictionary has been released! The new version has provided Chinese-English Dictionary. More content, the same price!

Instant Wen-Xin English-Chinese Dictionary provides huge amount of vocabulary, phrases and sentences with instant sound and user-friendly interface and thus fully meets the need for real-time inquery and learning on moving. This is THE dictionary that you should not miss!

Instant Technology Co. Ltd. tries the best to provide the best users’ experience. If you have any suggestion or any problem, please don’t hesitate and contact us via E-mail:

Instant Wen-xin English-Chinese Dictionary provides:
1. the latest Wen-xin Contemporary English-Chinese Dictionary, Instant English-Chinese Dictionary and Chinese-English Dictionary.
2. nearly 300,000 entries, 80,000 phrases and 92,000 sentences.
3. native speakers’pronunciation for vocabluary and phrases; the most natural text-to-speech for paraphrases and sentences. (Chinese sound is not available)
4. KK phonetic symbols, IPA, explanation, sentences, phrases, synonyms, achronyms, usage of words for each entry.
5. derivatives, plural form of nouns, tense, comparative and superlative for each entry.
6. the only English-Chinese Dictionary App providing English-Chinese, English-English and Chinese-English cross-check function.
7. classified function to check relative info for each entry.
8. wordbook for users to review new words.
9. history for users to check the inquery history.
10. the function for zooming the font size.
11. supporting iOS8 keyboard and user interface.