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Glacier Express

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This iPad application is offered to you at a once-only fee. The service does not come with a subscription although your internet provider might charge you for it. To make sure the application works properly you need an iPad with an activated GPS function. GPS information will be available only within the map area shown. The information displayed is not legally binding.

How does it work?

•The screen opens to the route map of the Glacier Express. You can zoom in and out on this map.

•Around the line are interactive icons which allow you to open up texts, pictures or short videos.

•After activating an icon, on your little screen you can access several pictures and enlarge these if required.

•You cannot enlarge the pictures on the detail page.

•A movie icon means you can watch a short video.

•A little blue ball shows you the exact GPS position of the iPad.

•In the vicinity of a station, the name of that station will be displayed automatically.

•The GPS icon will only be visible if the iPad is within the map area. After activating this icon, the GPS indicator will shift to the centre of the screen and the map’s background will be moving behind this indicator.

•“In the area” shows you the three locations that are closest to the GPS indicator.

Plus points

•Thanks to GPS, during your journey onboard the Glacier Express you will know exactly where you are.

•No Internet connection required.

•If you are not taking the train then the App will show you your current position.

•You will receive lots of information on this trip and also on the interesting places you are passing along.

•The App comes with more than 20 short videos in HD quality.

•Additional information on special parts of the line such as Unesco Welterbe Albula + Bernina appears automatically on your screen.

•History in pictures and text.

•In order to use this App’s many applications, you do not necessarily have to take the Glacier Express. The latest GPS information will be available the minute you enter the map area whether you are on or off the train. Outside the map area this App makes a valuable souvenir. The place details, texts, photos and videos work perfectly outside the active GPS area.

This App contains more than 100 photos and 22 videos in HD quality.