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Global Stats

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  • Business
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NOTE - To use this app, you must be an approved user of the Global Stat Aircraft Tracking site with an existing and current user name and password. In general, you must have a business association of some type with the Aviation Management Group (client, pilot, maintenance tech, regulator, etc.).

Global Stats provides aircraft tracking data at your fingertips quickly while on those necessary trips away from home.

All data is absolutely current and up to the minute.

You can view the Daily Status of any tracked aircraft, including all current component totals and all current remaining values for every category. This additionally includes all uncorrected items that could ground the aircraft, such as Squawks, MEL items, and RVSM items.

View the previous 90 days of recorded flight legs. Each leg can be expanded to include all leg component values and aircraft totals.

Access important (coming due soon or past due) Status Due Items. Every due item can be expanded for the complete status picture. In addition, a set of filters can be employed to ease the viewing list.