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Einstein's Relativity

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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Ever wanted to get a "feel" for how Einstein's theory of relativity works? Well this is the app for you!

Welcome to the odd world of Einstein's Special Relativity. This app is for students of any age who have an interest in modern physics and its often counterintuitive nature. Our goal is to help you visualize how Special Relativity work, as compared to Newtonian mechanics. While there are many web sites and books devoted to the math of Special Relativity, it's often difficult to get a feel for how things differ between classical and Einsteinian mechanics--and that's where this app comes in. After playing with the controls, and reading the explanation, you should more fully grasp exactly what is going on in nature, at high speeds, and how that differs from the slow-speed world we see around us every day.

Enjoy the app, and let us know what you think!