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Taking Flight

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----Get Taking Flight in the Moose Press app and enjoy all future Moose Press books in one great app, plus a discount for Taking Flight only available in Moose Press!----

2nd Edition now available! Including an entire new chapter dedicated to helping you get started with air to air photography, as well as new videos and updates.

Taking Flight – Your Start into Aviation Photography is the first book of its type. With more than 120pgs, 200 photographs, it also includes video and Photoshop Lessons! Being iPad based and an app, it is the first book that will be updated and you won’t have to buy the next edition!

Written and illustrated by Moose Peterson, Taking Flight is a book about your getting started in aviation photography. Whether you are brand new to the passion or a long time pro, you will find between its covers more information that you can imagine. The information is presented not just through text, but with innovative teaching only possible with the iPad. Slideshows, sliders, links, video and a whole lot more bring the text to life and set your shutter finger itchin to get shooting!

- Optimized for the New iPad! Enjoy the highest resolution possible.
- Compatible with all iPads (if using an original iPad, please be patient during use)
- Hundreds of images, from best to worst, so you know exactly what works and what does not
- Detailed captions. Know everything there is about the image you are looking for
- Videos on key techniques like Hand Holding, Panning, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, and many more, with more to come. Go beyond words!
- Special Moose Trivia like Moose's Aviation gear, Lighting Tips for all times of day, and Prop Turn Shutter Speed Calculator

When you first open the app, the app will automatically download the rest of the 1.5 gigabytes of the book. During this time, we strongly recommend using a high speed internet connection through a hotspot and leaving the app open. Download times can vary greatly upon using a cellular network, iPad, and/or simply closing the app. After the download finishes and the book opens, a network connection is not required to view the book, but certain links in the book do require internet access.