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iCex, Estimated Operating Account

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Finance
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Your next estimated operating account on your iphone or ipad!

In 7 easy steps, you will have immediately all analyzes and information for helping you to validate the predicted performance of your operating account.

At any time, you can change or adjust your expectations including the company profit you want do.

You simply enter the information and figures of your company (either globally or in detail, at your choice)

> Input the fixed operating expenses (feedstock excluded)
> Input the variable operating loads (feedstock excluded)
> Input the products and/or services you sell and for each:
. >> Its annual turnover
. >> Its gross margin percentage on sales
. >> The commission percentage assigned to sellers
. >> The payroll tax rate on commissions awarded to sellers

You immediately get a forecast of your operation through 8 screens. With the ratios and charts at your disposal you will quickly have a relevant vision of your expectations.

You automatically have all the information on your Breakeven in 8 screens.

With ICEX, you can project the profit that you want and see instantly the turnover to achieve for each product or service, the volume of margins generated, a breakdown of your charges and on which period of the year you will produce your profits, etc..

ICEX is also a wizard that allows you very quickly to visualize the consequences on your operating account if you want to take a decision. Buy a car, build a building, hire a new employee, marketing a new product or service. Simply add the new expenses and the new income and see immediately the impact on your estimated operating account.

ICEX is your assistant to: Project - Quantify - Measure - Analyze - Fix - Decide.

Whether you are a craftsman, service provider, agency director, hairdresser, manager, etc.. ICEX is a unique tool for everyone.

ICEX is Simple - Fast - Efficient - Exact - Available at any time.

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