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Releasing the Past - Subliminal Affirmation Video App by Ali Calderwood and Anima

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‘Releasing the Past’ is a high quality HD subliminal healing video app by Ali Calderwood from the highly acclaimed musical duo, Anima. This healing App will help you to relax, release and heal the negative patterns and emotional imprints of guilt, fear, anger, sadness and low self-worth.

With powerful subliminal healing affirmations, accompanied by Anima’s exquisite musical soundscapes and a specially crafted visual journey, you will be gently guided to relax and heal your past.

This subliminal hypnotic healing video not only exhibits Anima’s powerful musical soundscapes, but also offers subliminal healing affirmations embedded within the visual journey. This will help you to relax and empty your mind, allowing you to be in a receptive state for the affirmations to work.

Anima have spent a number of years studying different ancient practices of healing from various cultures, tribes and lands. Their emotionally stirring, inspirational music and healing work has assisted many people in finding inner peace and self-empowerment.
Having released seven albums, as well as a range of collaborated meditation CDs, Ali Calderwood and Anima present state of the art production, which capture and present sounds that transmit light-encoded healing frequencies that enhance meditation, inner journeying and deep relaxation.

This High Definition Video APP Contains

1 x 21.00 minute HD Video of Anima’s Subliminal Healing Affirmations for Releasing the Past

1 x 9.12 minute audio track ‘Release’ from Anima’s new album ‘Temple of the Stars’

1 x Anima’s Quick Guide to Transformational Sound Healing

This HD Video APP features:

•Anima’s highly acclaimed healing music video journey which will guide you into a relaxed state of mind & body.

•‘Release’ – One of Anima’s latest high quality audio recordings adapted from their new album for this video, mixed with state of the art digital technology.

•Powerful subliminal suggestions and affirmations to help you to release the past and let go of self-inhibiting patterns and wounds.


"I can honestly say that this was the most profound experience facilitated by music that I had ever encountered. Anima's mastery at creating such an exquisite and profound album makes me feel as though I have my own personal healer at hand! The intensity and gentleness of spirit that infuses this music is a potent combination. I urge you to experience it for yourself. "
David Lucas Shaw - UK

"Anima are one of the UK's best kept secrets. Sublimely beautiful music of the highest quality, not dissimilar to the band Bliss. I would urge anyone to check out their CDs as they are something special."
Glenn Harrold, Director of Diviniti Publishing, UK

“Anima present a unique and powerful combination of sacred gifts. Their music stirs people from mental slumber and awakens them to deep soul knowing, touching new levels of consciousness. Anima’s soundscapes are deeply healing, emotionally profound and transformative in ways which are both subtle yet quantum in effect. I often find myself playing their music directly onto client’s bodies to shake up physical blockages and mental holding patterns, to release respiratory problems and open the heart to new octaves.”
Shelley Sishton, Essence and Energy Therapist and Owner of the Energy Centre, UK

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