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Inspire with science. The “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” allows anyone to study the complex, accurate structure of the bronchi through mind blowing graphics.

Understanding the complicated branching of the bronchi from a textbook is difficult, which leads to the idea of studying the bronchi in 3D. However, past 3D bronchi software only allowed the user to view from specific angles, with limitations in rotating, zooming in/out, and moving vertically/horizontally.

• Tap, swipe, pinch. Get any view you want.
Unlike other 3D bronchi software, the “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” allows the user to choose any view they like with the familiar multi-touch gestures of the iPad. The usability of this application is incomparable to past educational applications. The superb performance will surely make you want to touch the screen for hours.

• Stunningly beautiful.
The “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” is thoroughly particular about the graphics. With the well thought-out art direction, the application will provide you with a luxurious view of the bronchi. We focused on creating a high quality design from top to bottom.

• Accuracy. Worth several hundred CT scans.
The “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” is unrivaled in terms of medical accuracy. The 3D bronchi model is created from several hundred real CT scans, in which the structural information from each scan is extracted by hand.

• World standard.
Each branch of the complex bronchi has a technical name. The “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” follows the world’s most accepted nomenclature guideline set by the Japan Society of Respiratory Endoscopy. The application allows the user to display the nomenclature of each branch according to the level of division. In addition, the displayed terms move freely in 3D space to maintain the clear view of the bronchi.

• Supervised by healthcare professionals.
With Atsushi Sano, M.D. (Department of Thoracic Surgery, The University of Tokyo Hospital) as the chief supervisor, numerous doctors and healthcare professionals are involved in the development of the “KARADA VIEWER bronchi”. The CT scans, 3D Bronchi model, and the nomenclature guideline are all backed up by the supervision of professionals.

• Makes a perfect interior decoration.
The “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” not only has “Science Mode” for educational purposes, but also has “Entertainment Mode” to turn your iPad into a luxurious interior decoration. The 3D bronchi model floats inside a beautiful background. In collaboration with the relaxing BGM that comes with this application, the “KARADA VIEWER bronchi” makes a perfect interior decoration for any clinic or waiting room.

Enjoy “Fun and Factual Science”, right on your iPad.