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Adding Town

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Adding Town takes children on a fun journey through Otter Town, where they can learn addition in fun locations.

Written in conjuction with educators of students with disabilities. Helps students achieve educational standards adapted for students with disabilities. Teaches students to add sums up to 20.

Helps children to bridge the gap between counting and adding. As they count items for the first operand, those items are grouped together into a set. Then they continue to count, as the second set of items are grouped together in a different set. When both sets have the same number of items as each operand, they will reach the correct sum. An optional display of a number line on the bottom of the screen also helps to grasp addition. The first number and the second number appear in a different color, so that the child can see how two numbers go together to produce the sum.

Beautiful graphics and music were designed specially for young children and children with autism and other special needs.

Awards are collected throughout the journey to reinforce accomplishments. Can hold up to 10 data sets for teachers to track the progress of their students. Tracks number of attempts, number of correct responses and the percentage of correct responses for each sum, as well as for each specific problem. Helpful in determining progress towards the IEPs of each child.