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Mr BioChem - Biochemistry lab help

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Mr. Biochem is the trusty lab partner of any life sciences student.

Mr. Biochem can:

- Convert DNA sequences into their reverse, complement or reverse-complement

- Find restriction sites in given DNA sequences

- Translate DNA sequence into protein

- Show you the codon table and the periodic table

- Calculate the protein concentration in your sample, based on the absorbance and the extinction coefficient of your protein

- Calculate:
- Dilutions
- Serial dilutions
- Molarity
- Normality
- Concentration in % w/w, % v/v, % w/v
- Mass fraction
- Mass concentration
- Volume fraction
- Mole fraction
- Mole ratio
- Mass ratio

- Calculate recipe for SDS-PAGE stacking and resolving gels

- Provide a set of recipes for commonly used buffers

- Record new recipes, and select favorites

- Help you work in a safe way, by providing quick access to the Safety/Risk phrases, the new Hazard/Precaucion phrases, and the old and new hazard symbols

- Offer a list of approximately 280 restriction enzymes, together with their restriction sites

- Provide useful links in the field

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